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Steadfast essentials for you to build your stories in.
When we first started Power Of My People, Kyle and I made all of our shirts ourselves - Kyle cutting the fabric on our apartment floor, and myself sewing them in our utility closet that housed the sewing machines. The first shirts we made took us 18 hours to construct - each. I will never get tired of watching the skillful technicians who make our shirts now, at the speed in which they make them, while achieving a standard of quality we are proud of.
We've evolved since 2015, but some things haven't changed. Although we don't make our shirts ourselves anymore, we still have them made in Vancouver, Canada by hard working and talented technicians.
We also stay true to our fits. One of our original goals was to provide options for uniform dressers - those who collect when they find their favourites. After over 6 months of painstaking development, we found three classic fits that all of our shirts still, and will always, adhere to.
Women's Proper Fit: A Classic straight fit with refined proportions.
Men's Proper Fit: A standard fit that bridges the gap between casual and office appropriate.
Wayward Fit: A loose fit with added length, made in short sleeve for Men and both long and short sleeve for Women. 
All of our fits are constructed to allow you the freedom to move and conquer the tasks of your every day. Read more about our fits and picking the right size here.


- Jessica



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The Owners 



Jessica Matthew is co-founder and designer behind Power Of My People. Located in New Westminster, Canada, Jessica has transformed her obsession for button-ups into a company that encapsulates everything she looks for in essential lifestyle pieces. 
Co-founder Kyle Kozma spearheads The People Series and the Power Of My People website. He has a passion for building things and the company is constantly inspired by his unrelenting curiosity.




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The People Series



When we’re not making shirts, we’re working to foster a community of inspiring people through the People Series - a chronicle that focuses on people who are doing interesting things with their time. We hope that their stories give you inspiration or ideas to integrate into your own sandbox.


We believe that you don’t need to be an environmentalist to save the world, a fine artist to inspire others, or an activist to create social change. People do their best work when they’re having a good time, and through that work you have the power to make an impact.



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