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A relentless warrior, you never tire in your march towards greatness. You’ve already achieved more than most can imagine, but you remain focused on the work that’s in front of you. It’s easy to find the drive to keep going when it’s so clear what you’re fighting for. The archetype of a true leader; this shirt is dedicated to you.

Women's long sleeve, straight fitting button-up shirt with angled chest pocket and seamless front placket.

100% Cotton, 4.4 oz, Black Oxford weave Fabric. Fibres sourced from USA & Egypt, milled in Portugal.

There's a reason every classic wardrobe has an Oxford shirt - versatile, crisp and low-maintenance, with a subtle crepe texture that adds depth and interest.

Wash cold + hang dry. Allow for approx. 3/8" shrinkage on the length and 1/4" total shrinkage on the width.

Fabric is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) approved.

Model that wears XS (long hair) measures: bust = 32", waist = 24", hips = 35".

Model that wears M (short hair) measures: bust = 36", waist = 27", hips = 38".

Model that wears 3XL (ponytail) measures: bust = 52", waist = 40.25", hips = 54.5".

Proper Fit

Made in Canada

100% Cotton

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Ligia De Almeida
5 stars

I am very happy with this purchase. Above my expectations: I expected a good quality basic for my wardrobe, but - as contradictory this might seems - this item is a basic with a feel of luxury. I'm glad I bought two, the black and the white.

Great fit and quality

Fit: It's a great fitting shirt. Definitely use the fit guide, I used that against my body measurements and also reached out to support to confirm other parts of the shirt like arm width that aren't listed in the measurements. It was very helpful.

Sizing: Overall, I'm 4'11, 41"chest, 32"waist, and 36" high hip. I got a large and it fit perfectly.

Fabric: The fabric is thick and of quality, the shirt is well made, and I'd say it's true to size.

Colour: It's a bit of a cooler black, so against warmer blacks the blue-ish undertone is visible, so make note of that.

Shipping: I live in Canada, so shipping was very fast. They use very little packaging and it's all recyclable.
I'm happy with the shirt and intend to buy more with time. 100% worth the purchase.

Love it!

This is an amazing shirt. Love the fit, the fabric and the style. I don't normally spend this much for a button down BUT . . . this is totally worth it! Price per wear will be exceptional. Will be looking for other colours, for sure!!

Karen Palmer

Perfect. Just perfect.

Melissa Chung
This is possibly the highest quality shirt I have ever bought

When I first wore the shirt, the thing that stood out the most was the incredible quality and texture of the fabric. The fabric texture is the #1 factor in any garment I wear and I make huge gambles with online shopping since I can't feel the texture before I buy it, hence why I mostly roll with natural fabrics like linen, hemp and cotton. This is the highest quality cotton shirt I have ever bought, hands down. Its workman shirt grade stitching and substantial feel attest to a long-lasting promise.

As for the fit, I was worried that it looked too massive and boxy on me when I first wore it but I settled into the shirt once I noticed how it made my back look. I have really broad shoulders and I try to avoid boxy cuts, but the slight flare and rounded cut on the bottom made it soooo flattering. I love it! It also makes my back look STRONG I love it! I don:t know how POMP manages androgynous cuts so well, but I finally feel comfortable in a shirt that works with my body rather than focusing on what gender my shirt should be.