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A caretaker of relics, you surround yourself with things that need tinkering. You're fascinated with how things used to be engineered, and how magical it must have seemed to outsiders at the time. Modern technology knows no bounds, but antiques of the past will always carry a certain charm that can’t be replicated. The magic’s on the inside…and this shirt is dedicated to you.

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Women's long sleeve, straight fitting button-up shirt with angled chest pocket and seamless front placket.

60% Cotton, 20% Viscose, 20% Polyester, 5.2 oz, Blush, Blue & White plaid. Fibres sourced from Turkey, milled in Portugal.

This fabric is strikingly soft both inside and out, with a block-style plaid that blends its colours beautifully at each crossing intersection.

Wash cold + hang dry. Allow for up to 1/4" shrinkage on the width.

Fabric approved by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and Oeka-Tex Standard 100.

Model that wears S measures: bust = 33", waist = 24.5", hips = 35.5".

Model that wears 3XL measures: bust = 52", waist = 40.25", hips = 54.5".

Proper Fit

Made in Canada

60% Cotton + 20% Viscose + 20% Polyester

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