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October 2020


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There are approximately 1 million US citizens currently living in Canada. This number of people could decide the US election in November. In 2016, fewer than 80,000 voters in three key swing states decided the U.S. election, but typically - US citizens in Canada fail to cast their ballots.

Are you, or do you know a US citizen living in Canada that needs to register to vote? Below are some links to help make registration a little more straight forward. Please - you have power and your voice matters - VOTE OR HELP OTHERS TO REGISTER!


Articles/Resources To Read (Click To View):


Absentee Ballot Registration For Military & US citizens Living Abroad

A Step-By-Step Guide To Voting In The US Election While Living In Canada (Or Elsewhere!)

New York Times: Are You An American Voting From Abroad? Here's How To Do It.