Black Lives Matter.

 Racial violence, profiling and injustice is real, and it matters deeply. Change is not always grand, or quick. Change needs to also be continuous. 

Speaking up for black people, indigenous people, people of colour and marginalized communities is the new normal. It is the new normal until these folks are safe. 

We stand with black people and their allies in the fight against racism and oppression. We are continuing the work within ourselves as individuals and as a company to be better allies.

What We’ve Actioned So Far.

We have created this page on our website to centralize our transparency on the work we’re doing for social, environmental and human rights issues. This page is a work in progress and will continue to be updated as our learning and actions evolve.

On May 30th, 2020 we made donations to the ACLU and The Native Women’s Association of Canada.

What We Are Working On.

 We have made a required reading and exercise list for our internal team to educate ourselves with. You can see this list here. Included in this list are Implicit Association Tests via Harvard’s Project Implicit and bystander training by I Holla Back, and much more. We encourage you to follow this list if you can, or send us an email with suggestions of resources and learning that we can add.