Closet Tips

Written by: Power Of My People



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Lay The Foundation

Reconstruct your wardrobe with high quality 
essentials and never have ‘nothing to wear’ again.

model is sitting in a bench wearing the Scultpor Proper Fit shirt

The Blueprint

The building blocks for repeat-worthy style

Find Your Fabric.

Linen is cool with a naturally polished appeal, cotton oxford is classic and low maintenance… access your practical needs and personality to find what will work for your life.

Add Some Colour.

Start with the basics (black and white or cream),

then build out your rainbow - a neutral blue or

green and a warm tone such as mustard or

burgundy are all you need to expand your

on-rotation options.

Boost Variety With Fit.

Easily diversify your staples by mixing up the fit of your shirts - include both a standard fit (Proper) and a loose and long fit (Wayward) to have some fun with silhouettes.

Embracing The Ethos.

Capsule wardrobes are an exercise in producing creativity from restraint - and learning that you don't always need

‘new', you just need a strong foundation

to build on.

a woman standing wearing the Philosopher Wayward Fit and the Minimalist Tan Pant