Wandering Through Taipei

Wandering Through Taipei


I don’t know how many of you own a small business, but I’m sure everyone with a busy lifestyle can appreciate the complex mathematics that must be worked through in order for a vacation to actually occur. Usually a definitive reason for travel, that you couldn’t possibly miss, acts as the kick in the pants that is required in order to book the flights, set up the out of office reply, and find a babysitter for your business back home (thank you Marlon!).
The reason for this trip was a happy one as we got to witness my big brother marry his awesome wife. Kyle and I arrived in Taipei a few days early in order to explore the intriguing countryside and vibrant city that makes up the area.


Power Of My People In Taipei


Hiking in flip-flops is indicative of our laid back, unplanned travel style. We are by no means tour guides, or travel planning experts. The point of this story is not to suggest the best places to eat, or the most beautiful trails to walk. Take this post as a reminder (of which this trip was for me) that in order to live a creative and fulfilling lifestyle at home, you have to leave. Experience the passage of time that your work is built for - something that you could never replicate at a desk or your work bench.



Power Of My People - Wandering Through Taipei



Being in Taiwan was the first time we've travelled with our shirts in hand and we were pleasantly surprised with how functional The Wayward short sleeve shirt is while discovering new cities and terrain. Life experience always adds to insight - we so appreciated the ease of being able to fit just about anything in the oversized pockets that we have set a firm directive that all pockets on every button up we make should be able to easily fit a passport at minimum. Such an obvious thought, right? It’s funny how different perspectives add to wisdom.


I hope you make an opportunity to wander outwards, even for an afternoon. We’d love to hear the stories you create 🗺


Power Of My People - Taiwan Photo Journal



- Jessica


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