The Painter

The Painter

Bobbie Burgers

Bobbie Burgers hosted her first art show at the age of 19 and has from day one been inspired by the remarkably bold and brilliant colours of flowers. We first laid eyes on Bobbie’s paintings in the Summer and we were immediately struck by the marriage of colour and energy being emitted from each piece. Having the opportunity to watch Bobbie work, we understood why we felt that way - it’s her happy place. Bobbie’s work is instinctual, raw and beautiful. We’re tantalized by Bobbie’s most recent amusement, as she puts it - “I’m really interested in making my flowers look like human flesh in a way that is almost Lucian Frued, where I would take that super fleshy human thing that he does and recreate it in an abstract yet non-human form.”

Click here for Bobbie Burgers entire People Series Editorial. 


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