Kim The Ed-Tech Entrepreneur

Kim The Ed-Tech Entrepreneur

Kim Cope is the founder of Early Entrepreneurs, a program that facilitates entrepreneurship in the classroom. We love what Kim is doing - it was incredibly inspiring to see so many young and ambitious kids working towards starting their own business. 

We had the opportunity to visit Kim during logo creation day at one of her innovation camps, where every student was working towards developing their own logo. Their canvas was a large white wall, and once they had a concept, each student began to paint their logo directly on the wall and in as many different iterations as time permitted.

This really brought Jessica and I back to the development of our brand. Myself, Jessica and our friend Marlon took 3 large sheets of paper to a back alley, taped them to the side of a building and painted as many different variations of Power Of My People as we possibly could. Barring one quick visit from a curious police officer, the experiment was a success and our current logo was one that we painted that day.

Innovation Camp and Startup Skool are 1 week programs that are currently running for the Summer. For schools that are in full swing the concept works a little differently.

"In the classroom, students all work together on one business and they separate them into four teams:  product, design, marketing operations and finance. The kids decide for themselves what role they want to take on and they work together on one business and one goal as a class."

Today, Early Entrepreneurs has been able to transform over 60 classrooms of students across Canada into early entrepreneurs and whose efforts have since generated over $60,000 in support of local and global charities, and we are very excited to see it grow.

For Kim's interview and photo editorial, please check out her People Series here

- Kyle


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