The Craftsmen - Lessons on Family & Business from Studio 126

The Craftsmen - Lessons on Family & Business from Studio 126

We met with Anna and Ryan of Studio 126 in the morning outside of their Chinatown work/retail space. They had just come from a delivery - which they do themselves when possible - and Jess and I held the front door open while the pair carried large slabs of wood inside.

Anna informed us as we sat down, with a slightly relieved tone, that their two young children were asleep in the car while they made their pick-ups that morning. Family and business is truly intertwined at Studio 126.

The space is quite large. Their beautiful wood furniture on display in the centre, a small white-walled gallery space for local talent on the right, and 8-10 foot slabs of unfinished, locally sourced wood leaning against the brick wall on the left. These slabs are soon to become well crafted tables or benches, which are constructed in the workroom hidden away at the back. The couple’s toddler and 1 year old practice adventure and discovery, using the wood slabs as imaginary caves, and the bench in the window display as the perfect refuge for hide and seek.

You can’t help but adopt this freedom and sense of play that’s evident within their environment while you’re there.

For those reading that don’t yet know, Power Of My People is run by Jessica and I, and before we became business owners together, we were a couple - and we continue to be now. Living together, nurturing a relationship and running a company doesn’t work for everyone - but starting a company one day was a separate dream for both Jess and I, and after some time we knew that we wanted to start one together. Though definitely a challenge, I don’t think either of us would have it any other way and taking this trip together has been an amazing adventure.

So suffice to say, observing the dynamics in Anna and Ryan’s business, I can’t help but relate - and marvel at the way in which they’ve built Studio 126 to work for them. It was inspiriting to see them balancing a family and cultivating a strong relationship while running a business, and even though it’s crazy and hectic - they would rather be doing nothing else but that.

The full Studio 126 People Series story can be found here.



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