Searching For Balance: A Note On Why We Make Shirts

Searching For Balance: A Note On Why We Started Making Shirts

The Gradener Men's and Women's Short Sleeve Linen Shirt


The other day when chatting with a new customer, we were reminded as to why we started Power Of My People by making women's shirts over a year ago. I have worn button-ups every day for years. Not satisfied with the quality and selection of women’s button-ups, I resorted to the menswear racks and vintage stores. Men’s and vintage shirts are great, but as a woman…none would fit quite right or had the proportions that really suited my body.


Button-ups seems like such a no-brainer, classic wardrobe item - but it's evident that there is an imbalance in the quality of shirts being offered to women, and the shirts offered to men. More often than not, women’s shirts use flimsy fabrics, are made with low quality craftsmanship, scant proportions and styling details….all driven by the desire to keep costs low and margins high for the clothing brands selling them.


Men’s shirts? Even in lower cost, 'fast fashion' type stores - are made with denser, more durable fabrics, sound construction that doesn't cut so many corners, and sturdier buttons and interfacings….for the same, if not cheaper prices as a women’s button-up in the same store.


This is the model many clothing companies operate under. Women are acclimated to lower quality per dollar than men, because companies want it that way. Women buy more clothing, so they are incentivized to increase their profit margins on women's garments. Men shop less often, and expect their clothes to last longer.


But how did it get to this? As a woman, I certainly didn’t agree to spend my money on more inferior clothing than men. My dollars are worth the same, so why shouldn’t I get the same in return? 

We think the fashion industry should be equal.

  • We use the same exact fabrics for both our men’s and women’s shirts;
  • We use the same facility in Vancouver to produce our men’s and women’s shirts;
  • We use the exact same construction techniques for our men’s and women’s shirts, and;
  • We charge the same price for comparable men’s and women’s shirt.

As it should be.

See what we mean here. Questions? Leave a comment below or email



Co-Owner, Shirt Person


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