The Planner

The Planner

There’s a lot I came to admire about Marissa after meeting her. When you step into her studio, it all makes sense - it’s minimalistic in style and very much suits her aesthetic, her personality and the brand that she’s creating. And once you spend a while chatting with the Design Love Co. owner, it also makes sense that she’s built a business around planning and organizing.

Marissa is very focused. She’s got a good routine going and knows exactly what she’s got to do and how she needs to do it. It’s totally different from the way I naturally do things. I’m a little more haphazard and impromptu, and I’d be lying if I said strict plans don’t scare me a little bit. But Marissa’s shown me how planning can be a good thing.

Planning helps with your trajectory - She’s thought a lot about the future of her company and she has a clear vision of how she’s going to get there. It also helps to block out distractions and to remain focused on your goals. She’s also created a work routine that works for her - she get’s to her studio at 8am and goes home at 6pm, allowing her to focus on work when it’s work time, and to get that mental distance - that can be difficult to capture when you run a business - when she goes home.

Everyone tackles their journey as an entrepreneur differently, but the constant thread between every successful entrepreneur I know is their ability to focus. Marissa has inspired me to adopt some new habits when it comes to planning, and even though I know her lifestyle wouldn’t work for me, that’s the beauty of running a business - you have the power to cater to what suits you and your company the best.

Marissa from Design Love Co’s full People Series story can be found here. I hope she inspires you as well to look at how you can adopt planning into your life, and if you need a little help getting stared - you might want to check out her planners. The power of a brand new notebook is a remarkable thing.



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