The Juicers

The Juicers

We first met Christina whilst popping-up in their West 4th Vancouver location back in December. What struck me about The Juicery Co. was their willingness and desire to engage with local companies, simply by hosting pop-up shops in their space and doing it solely to create goodwill and a stronger community for businesses like us and them.

Listening to Alex and Christina and observing their dynamic,  it’s evident that they make a great team. One of the keys to their working relationship seems to be establishing boundaries and clear indicators of what each person has ownership of within the business. They fully trust the other partner to do their part well, and I think that needs to be the case in any family business - that everyone’s roles have to be considered and clear.

During our chat, the pair touched on their intention to create a workspace that’s friendly and enjoyable - something that I found evident as soon as I walk into any of their retail locations, or step into their kitchen behind their North Vancouver store. Both women have had experiences in work environments where this wasn’t necessarily the case (as a lot of us have, including myself and Jess). So for them to be very conscious about how their employees are treated, making sure they are enjoying their experience and are given opportunities, is notably refreshing.

The Juicery Co’s full People Series story can be found here. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our experience with Christine and Alex, and if you’re in Vancouver do yourself a favour and grab a nice, cold bottle of the best juice in town.



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